Meeting September 16th

Number of People in Attendance: (7)

We discussed details about the BRASA BBQ that will happen in the upcoming weekend. Also we discussed the details about the “Al Sabor Latino” event that will happend this coming Tuesday September 21st. To sign up for the desserts please click here: http://doodle.com/8i4gxgk8rdthirza

To sign up for a time to be there please click here: http://doodle.com/xxibsb6vrcqkme8i


Meeting September 2nd

Number of People in Attendance: (16)

We met the new BRASA members and discussed elections positions (new secretary/historian will be created). Also, we discussed our participation on the “Al Sabor Latino” event that is hosted by the HSA. Here is the info sent to us by them:


We hope your organization is doing great! The Hispanic Student Association would like to invite YOUR ORGANIZATION to participate in our AL SABOR LATINO: “A Taste of Latin America” Fest, known in previous years as Latin Culture Fest. Part of our organization’s purpose is to promote and educate the Baylor community about  our culture and we ask for your help!  We would like for each ORGANIZATION to choose a Latin American country and make a DESSERT from that country as well as a display (poster, tri-fold..etc) with information about that country such as its flag, celebrations, important individuals, geographical info, food, music, interesting facts, etc. It does not have to be a tedious research-like project, but fun, simple, and easy to read. In this manner, your organization will know a little about that particular country while putting it together, and help us educate the Baylor community!!

The event will be held on September 21st from 7-9pm.

We are planning on having desserts and drinks (coffee and aguas frescas) from the different Latin American countries among other entertainment activities.

HSA would really appreciate if you decide to partner up with us in this event. I am sending you the list of countries to choose from if you decide to do it! The countries will be assigned to whoever requests them first.  If you want to participate please send me a reply with your organization’s name and the country you would like to represent.

Thank you in advance and we hope to continue working with your ORGANIZATION in the future. Please reply by no later than Monday, September 6th.

Excited about working together,

Suzanna Frey
Public Relations, HSA

Since we have confirmed here is the link to sign up for the dessert you will be bringing : http://doodle.com/8i4gxgk8rdthirza

We have also discussed creating buttons to sell as a fundraiser. I (Addy) will be working on the designs and I will upload them here as soon as they are ready. Here is the link from the place I have ordered pins before: http://www.bluecollarpress.com/bcp/.

Future meetings are TBA, but we are planning on having a BBQ to celebrate some of our member’s birthdays on the weekend of September 24th. We will most likely have a meeting on September 16th to determine details. Feel free to add suggestions or comments here on the blog however.


Number of People in Attendance: (5)

After the meeting I spoke with Berney and he said that we are not going to be able to host the Salsa Fest event with SAE because they had already registered on their on. Plans for a fundraiser are still up. We will plan for an event in the fall.

What was discussed in this meeting (Last update on 3.31):

  • Fundraiser event will be held on April 13  (officially scheduled)
  • We will participate on a booth on DIADELOSO on Thursday, April 22nd (registered on March 29th) where we will wear the new BRASA shirts with a World Cup motif (being designed as of now. I will pass an email when it is ready for voting) which will be available for sale as a fundraiser item. On DIADELOSO we will have posters with the stuff about Brazil, the history of the World Cup (perhaps brackets), and people will be able to play a little soccer. (can anybody work on the content?)
  • Need to create new BRASA t-shirt + get permission from Student Activities (got permission)
  • Talk to Baylor Horizon (promote bake sale – Jennifer?)
  • Talk to Student Activities for Bake Sale (done)
  • Talk to Dr. Fuertes – funding for event (Latin American Studies Dept, Student Foundation)
  • Bake Sale foods:
    • Jen & Vinicius = Brigadeiros
    • Thiana – Bolo de Coco
    • Lucas – Bolo de Cenoura
    • Addy – Pao de Queijo
    • Flavia? Tchalilla? Bernardo? Ver se vao participar e o que podem fazer

Meeting Feb 11

Number of People in Attendance: (4)

Things that need to be done:

  • Open new BRASA bank account
  • Get TAX ID#
  • Organize list of foods for bake sale
  • Talk to Baylor Horizon (promote event)
  • Talk to Student Activities for Bake Sale
  • Talk to Dr. Fuertes – funding (Latin American Studies Dept, Student Foundation)

The event will be sometime in April (date TBD) and in conjunction with the SAE’s Salsa fest 🙂

Hello BRASA!

This is the first post in our newly created BRASA blog. Here we will post all that was discussed at the BRASA meetings, add a calendar, as well as anything that might be cool to share. I hope you like this platform of communication!